Churches on Folegandros

  • Naxos 2006

North of Chora

Ano Meria

The information regarding churches on Folégandros Island are divided in two different articles/pages:

o Introduction
o Photos (see folders below)
The photos are divided in four folders:
* Chora
* North of Chora
* Ano Meria
* North on Folégandros
* Church of the Virgin (Panaghia)

A white washed church in a barren landscape with a clear blue sky has always been fascinating to me. I have always been taking pictures during my travels and holidays and a Greek church is a rewarding object for photographing.

During my stay summer 2004, I started to take more photos of churches on Folegandros. As on many islands in Greece there are a lot of churches on the island, in Chora as well as in the countryside. As I mention above, there is something special about a Greek church or chapel. The intense white colour of the white-washed church, dark blue sky and the blue-green sea in the background, frequently take my breath away. Many times the small chapels are found far away on tranquil and beautiful places in the landscape. For many Greeks these churches and places are important and holy, and it’s not so very difficult to get a devout feeling when you visit a one of these churches.

This page is mainly about photos of Churches on Folégandros Island, but who knows, maybe I collect enough photos of churches from other islands and create a new section “Churches of The Cyclades”.

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