Folegandros 1994-1996

Fologandros happens to be my favourite island. I visited this lovely island for the first time in the year of 1994. My plan was to visit two islands that year, but I ended up staying in Folegandros all my vacation. I even visited the island two months later, during one week in September!

What ‘s so great about Folegandros? There are several reasons I would like to mention.

First of all I found a nice place to stay, Pavlo’s Rooms (now Tourist Center Pavlo’s), one of the oldest accomodations on the island, with nice rooms in a lovely garden.

Another urgent matter, is that the local government of the island, has been very careful with the development of the island. In consequence of this, the island is not much commercialized, compared to many other islands in the area.

Actually the northern part of the island and the countryside of the island, remains mostly pristine, and is largely devoted to the spring and summer cultivation of barley. Donkeys and donkey-paths are also still very much in evidence, since the terrain on much of the island is to steep for vehicle roads.

Finally the island is calm with original atmosphere, have a special light which attract artists, there is a delicious scent of thyme and sage, a kind reception of the locals, which all together, makes it the most beautiful island in the Cyclades.

Another thing worth to mention is that my friends, Stratos and Anna which I met for the first time 1994.

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