Folegandros 2003 – Trekking

On this page I have many wonderful photos from the beautiful spring landscape of Folegandros. During Easter 2003 the island was exceptionally green, the landscape full of flowers everywhere, because of much raining during winter.

In Greece there are a lot of opportunities of walking and that goes certainly for Folegandros too! So I decided to illustrate the beautiful spring on the island by a nice walk from Chora to Fira beach, Angali and back to Chora.

I will explain the walk in more details:

* From the second square Dounavi, go north passing St. Nicholas Cathedral, the ATM machine, and after 50 metres the bakery. Soon you are on an old path leaving Chora to the north.
* Walk beside the North edge of Chora. Soon the path turns to the right and you face Aghios Savvas church in front of you. After the church you just walk on the path facing north and after 500 metres the path connect to the modern road, north of out Chora (unfortunately the last 200 metres is now made to a dust road).
* Walk on the new road about 500 metres and pass Stavros church positioned on the right side of the road.
* A few metres after Stavros take the mule track heading left (west).
This track have a wall to the left and lead to a hallow. Here the track is paved. After the hallow there are walls on both sides. Then the walls drifts apart. Follow the one to the right downhill in a wide curve.
* Soon the track is transferred to a paved track with multi coloured slabs. Further down there is an olive grove and beneath the milky white chapel Christos come to view.
* Pass the church and continue down on sheep tracks towards a solitary house. This section is a bit tricky.
* Go down to a ravine left of the house and follow the ravine until the sea get into view. Go uphill to the right and you suddenly see Fira beach.
* Go down to Fira beach. This is a small beach with little sand and many stones. However it is a nice tranquil place with a few visitors and the swimming is great.
* To reach Angali your follow the small paths heading north on the rocks. After 10 minutes you reach Angali.
* Angali is probably the most popular beach, thus often crowded by people.
Follow the road north out of Angali 550 metres until you have a water cistern to your left.
* Opposite you follow a small road heading for a house. At the top go straight ahead and follow the mule track. Once you are on the track you keep on walking until the path connect to the modern road at Aghia Paraskevi. This stretch is uphill and pretty demanding when its hot (summer time).
* On the car road, go back towards Chora about 1500 metres, passing Aghios Dimitris to the left, and the windmills further to the left, and soon Stavros church.
* Take the old path back to Chora (first 200 metres is a dirt road) passing wonderful olive groves, Aghios Savvas church, a chicken-run and soon you are passing the bakery again, back in Chora.

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