Folegandros 2004

One decate later

The year 2004 I wrote as follow:

Well, now its autumn time 2004, and it’s kind of dark and chilly in Sweden. This makes it extra fun to think back on summer and my visits to the Greek islands, and especially Folegandros.

I have decided to put more information about Folegandros on my web site, so I have created several separate sections, available from the menu. The separate menus/sections are:

Easter on Folegandros
Churches on Folegandros

I take a lot of photos during my visits to Folegandros and to be able to showcase them I need several pages in order to make the web site more users friendly and easy to use.

Easter is a fascinating event on the island, and I recommend everyone to visit Folegandros during that time of the year! I have about 70 photos on the Easter page. Besides information and photos related to the Easter celebration, I have a vast section about spring; Folegandros is extraordinary beautiful during springtime!

My page about churches is not so huge at this time, since I just started to focus on taking photos of churches.

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