Milos is a special island in many aspects. First of all I’m thinking of its magnificent gulf, providing a natural harbour, maybe the largest in the Mediterranean. Secondly the island’s vast wealth of mineral which is playing a major role in the economy, culture and development of the island society.

Another important thing is the multitude of beautiful beaches. There are said to be about 50 of them. Many of these beaches are spectacular to approach, with their glistering white sand, clear blue waters not to mention the rocks; chalky white, terra-cotta, ochre and black rocks, the like of which not can be find elsewhere in all Greece!

Most of the inhabitants live in the 8 villages, in the northern part of the island.

The year of 1994 I was planning to visit Milos, after my stay at Folegandros which I did visit to for the first time. If you read my information on Folegandros, you will understand why I never made it to Milos that year.

But in 1995 it was time!

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  1. Thanks Helen! The latest years I had some changes in life, with other priorities. But I sure hope to go back to Greece again, if not this year the coming year!

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