Naxos 1993


After spending a week on Amorgos, I embarked a little boat, Skopelitis, to go to Naxos. This little boat passes a chain of small islands, Konfonissi, Shinoussa, Iraklia and a couple of others, before reaching Naxos (or Amorgos).

This day it was rather windy, so it turned out to be the most jumpy trip for me, this far! I was sitting on second deck, in the open air, but after a while, must of us where all wet, because of the stormy sea. I was wearing my only trousers, which became very watery and salty. But who cares? I was glad not to become seasick!


I’ve visited Greece twice during 1994, and the second time I was passing Naxos, to reach my main goal Folegandros. I had to spend one and a half days here, which I didn’t mind at all, because the beaches are really amazing!

If you’re not the sun-loving person, you still have a lot of reasons to visit Naxos. It’s the biggest island in the Cyclades, and there are a lot of things to explore and discover.


Naxos wasn’t in my plans for 1996, but you really never know where you will end up, when you travel from island to island.

I flew from Sweden to Santoríni, and was planning to go to Astipalea, as quickly as possible. At the airport, I called a travel agency to check out the time schedule for ferries. They told me, that I have to wait about three days for next ferry. I wasn’t really satisfied with that answer, so I took a taxi to the harbour. At the port office, I was told to go to Naxos, since they had better connection to Astipalea. Later when I arrived to Naxos, I found out that connection to Astipalea was about the same from Santoríni and Náaos. In other word, I have to wait about three days on Naxos.

The “problem” for me, was that I was leaving the Cyclades to go to Astípalea, which belong to the Dodecanese islands. The ferry connection between the different groups of island, are mostly very bad. It’s often a better idea, to first go to Athens, and change to another ferry from there.

I wasn’t that disappointed to have to stay a couple of days on Naxos. Now I was able to visit the beautiful beaches South west from Naxos town, which I also did!


This year I know that I probably will spend some time (hours maybe a day) on Naxos, on my way to the Small Cyclades.

On my way from Sweden to the first island in my plans, I was spending the evening on Naxos, waiting for a ferry to Donoussa. I left my backpack (500 Drs) at little business run by a woman, where I also was able to take a shower (1000 Drs). Her place is located very close to the harbour, just one block away, on the main road leading out of town.

After that I made the mistake to have some dinner in a nice situated tavern, located in an narrow alley. But the service was slow, much to slow, and the food was nothing special! The owner was more interested in talking to good-looking woman than taking care of his guests, especially if you were a man!

Almost two weeks later, on my way to my favourite island, Folegandros, I was spending another day at Naxos, waiting for the ferry at about 01.00 in the “morning”. I took the opportunity to visit the nice beach of Plaka, easy accessible by local bus.

The surroundings at Plaka are getting more and more developed, for every year now. I have divergent opinions about that progress. It could be nice with a tavern easy reachable from the beach, but at the same time I love tranquil beaches! I suppose I have to go further south, say south of Mikri Vígla, to get the tranquillity I crave.

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