Naxos 2001

I really wanted to return to Naxos even this year and feel the relaxing atmosphere at Mikri Vigla beach and my friends at Hippocampus Club. This year I had some back problems when I arrived, so I focused very much in the beginning with stretch trainings (instructed by my physiotherapist) and this really paid of. Just 1, 5 week later I was able to climb the highest point on Naxos, Zas, at around 999 metres above the sea (differ from one map to another). That itself was a nice experience feeling the nature’s power in the steep and narrow passages to reach the top.

I also did some scooter riding visiting villages in the mountains, as well as go to many of the nice beaches on the island. During an extended weekend I also returned to the tranquil island of Donoussa.

Naxos town is a busy place but every time I stay on the island I also spend a little time in town for walks in the narrow alleys in Kastro, looking for restaurants with genuine quality food, buy some wine, rent scooter and similar activities.

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