Naxos 2002-2003


This year I had a little different approach to my travel to the Greek islands. My first week I stayed on Tinos island, then one and a half each on Naxos and Folegandros. This planning was due to the fact that some Swedish friends were going to visit me in Greece during one week, and I wanted to show them the best of Naxos and Folegandros, the islands I spend the most time on.

I decided to hire a room on Plaka beach for the first time, because of the good communication to Naxos town, and Plaka beach is really a wonderful beach. Aronis rooms & tavern was my choice of living, since I known the family for some years, mainly because of their lovely home-made food and the fact that they were first in this area of Plaka, back in 1996.


I visited Naxos only for half a day this year, on my way back to Pierus. My main destination was Folegandros and Easter celebration there. Anyway, I took some great photos of Potara Temple of Náxos!

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