Donoussa 2001

Donoussa was in 1997 one of my favourite islands even if Koufonissi have an incredible beach: Akti Poriou. Well, the beaches on Donoussa are really good too! Another thing that amazes me about Donoussa is the beautiful landscape that various much with hills and valleys, some smaller farming areas and splendid views over the sea. It is really enjoyable to do nice walks on the island on the old mule tracks. But be prepared for a tough workout!

Unfortunately some of the charm has been ruined after the construction of the road from the port passing the settlements of Messaria and Mersini, then onward to the north. Another road from the port directly to the north is underway of making. I really hope they stop at present status of building roads! There is just a handful of car on this island!

Anyway, still it’s time to visit this tranquil island. This is an ideal place for people seeking rest and peace, interested in trekking, and that enjoy a good Greek meal on the few but in most cases good restaurants!

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