Donoussa 1997

When I planned my travel to Greece in 1993, I ordered some information from Greek National Tourist organization office in Sweden. Among other things I got a folder called Greece The Cyclades. In this folder I found some nice information about the islands and it inspired me to visit Amorgos and Noxos that year.

Some other islands that draw my interest were the Small Cyclades situated between Amorgos and Noxos, among others Iraklia, Schinoussa Koufonissi and Donoussa. The folder describe these islands as “delightful little islands”…”are the perfect refuge for those in search of some peace and quiet”. Further more they are described as “virtually virgin islands”. About Donoussa the folder write “has some incomparable stretches of sand”.

Those islands seemed to be very exotic to me and in 1997 I decide to go for it and find out for my self!

2 thoughts on “Donoussa 1997

  1. I discovered Donoussa in 1983 (no electricity) and I came back for many years. I thank you for your pictures… I have many similar images!


    • Yes, I was a bit later there 1997, and then another time. A lovely tranquil island, with I think fewer visitors than the other Small Cyclades, because it’s a bit more far away. I am not familiar what the new road has done to the landscape. I suppose some old trails were destroyed?

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