The small islands between Naxos and Amorgos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Konfonissi and Donoussa, also known as The Small Cyclades, have always fascinated travellers that look for peace and relaxation. I belong to this category of travellers, and already in 1997 I visited three of the above islands, but not Iraklia. So during planning for summer 2000 Iraklia was on my mind.

This island is certainly a tranquil place to be and if some of your favourite things are: reading a good book in the shadow, having nice meals with a glass of wine, doing nice walks (good health recommended), Iraklia is a good choice.

In some perspective the time stands still on such an island as Iraklia, that being illustrated by the first photo of a 50 year old car. On the island still old fashion cultivation and cattle breading taking place, and donkeys still are being used for transportation on the mule paths. The thing I miss on Iraklia is the possibility to reach the few remote beaches that exist by foot. In most cases you need to hire boat transportation, but personally I prefer walking!

Worth mentioning is also that Iraklia is not for people that enjoy being naked while relaxing in the sun! Well, if you are lucky enough to reach a remote beach and are all alone (with your friend/s), you can set the trend.

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